The Selfie


An occasional picture of oneself celebrating a milestone of some sort is completely acceptable – even welcome – when we haven’t seen a picture of you for some time. It’s fun (and teaches one to keep one’s mouth shut) to see how the years have treated our loved ones and friends.

I don’t know if it’s narcissism or conceit. Why in the world would you want to show me how banal your life is??? I’ve got my own banality to deal with. “I just woke up” selfie; “Me in the bathroom”, “My cat” (which I notice is sprawled across a kitchen counter and reminds me never to eat at your house) “My shoes”, “My lunch”, “Me with tree”, “Me”, looking as stupid and vapid as you did in the other hundred pictures you’ve posted on FaceBook.

I simply do not understand the driving need to publish one’s face all over…

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