Media Off The Rails, Shows Dangerous Left Turn.

The Lone Cactus

As a former member of the media, I don’t mind when the media gives a fair and balanced story. That is, after all, what they are supposed to be doing. And I know the difference in these talking head cable-news shows between something like a “Morning Joe” show and what I would consider to be news reporting. One is giving an opinion, the other is supposed to be giving fact. The problem is, there is a HUGE disconnect these days. The lines have been so blurred into what is a fact, and what is fiction, that the media has lost all ability to get anything straight.

Take for example Brian Stelter on CNN. Here is a reporter that has been suspended in the past for creating “news stories”. He has zero credibility in the industry, yet CNN continues to allow this buffoon on the air. In a recent talking-head segment…

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