Love and Vengeance


Yesterday, Audre wrote a very good article on Love as an act of will. I highly recommend it. In it she comments:

How does love cover sin? Hatred, for example, damages the object of our hatred but it also damages us. Love isn’t an emotional, touchy-feely thing (except on Valentine’s Day); it’s an act of the will. Our will. God’s will.

Anger is a secondary result; hurt is the event that causes the anger. Search your memory for anger you’ve felt against others or the anger someone may have felt toward you. Under that anger, we’ll find the core of the matter – someone has been hurt, in whatever manifestation (physically, emotionally, psychologically, to name a few).

This is true, although it is important to realize that hatred is a destructive variant of love, not it’s opposite. The opposite of love is indifference when one simply does not care…

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