Mongo Wept: HBO Max Puts Race Disclaimer On ‘Blazing Saddles’

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By Matt Philbin ~

“You’ve got to remember that these are just simple GenYs. These are people of the internet. The common clay of the new Woke. You know … morons.”

Is that quote:

a) A bastardization of one of the dozens (hundreds?) of funny lines in Blazing Saddles?

b) An HBO Max executive arguing for adding a disclaimer in front of Blazing Saddles?

C) Both?

Sadly, the answer is C. Because we live in very stupid times, HBO Max has added a three-minute introduction to Mel Brooks’s classic 1974 western spoof, according to MovieWeb.

“TCM host Jacqueline Stewart puts Blazing Saddles in context in the new disclaimer,” MovieWeb explains. Good luck with that. The sort of people who tear down statues of Frederick Douglass aren’t big into context.

But it sounds like Stewart does her best, probably speaking slowly in a soothing tone:

She says, “as…

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