This Is What Needs To Happen To Stop The Nonsense

The Lone Cactus

I’ve thought about this for a while now. We’ve spent much of 2020 looking at idiots looting and rioting. Oh, they SAY they’re doing it because they’re sick of the way the country is going. They SAY it’s because they are being mistreated by those in power and that they feel helpless. But when you look at the problems that blacks face in this country, I think the problem goes deeper.

Here’s what needs to happen to stop all of the nonsense that’s been going on in places like Portland, and Seattle, and Chicago, and New York. Oh, have you noticed those are all Democrat strongholds? Yes? That plays right into what needs to happen.

First and foremost, America has lost its way. We used to be a rather pious nation. I know I’m rather ancient, but I remember a day when stores were actually closed on Sundays so people…

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