WashPost: Elvis Medal Of Freedom ‘Ugly Message’ To Black People

PA Pundits - International

By Matt Philbin ~

Congratulations to The Washington Post pop music critic Chris Richards, who on Nov. 15 covered himself in glory by earning the Post’s coveted Triple Crown. With one brief piece, Richards earned Angry Liberal of the Week; and Dog Whistle Discerner; and won the “Politicize This!” Challenge.

Richards was in a snit because the late Elvis Presley was among President Trump’s 2018 Medal of Freedom award picks. You, dear reader, may shrug and think, “Maybe Trump likes Elvis.” But you’re ignorant, and probably racist. And you don’t work for the Post (motto: “Democracy Gets Dyspeptic Around Dusk”). You see, Elvis was … white. You can look it up. And Donald Trump thinks so deeply about how to make black people uncomfortable — or make white supremacists comfortable — that, in Richards’s words, “this is another needling MAGA maneuver — a little nod to the good old days, back when black visionaries…

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