Austria: Stewardess has to be politically correct. Kindergarten teacher is allowed to be from the IS

Allah's Willing Executioners

24-year-old Christina Kohl, who is running for the Strache (TS) team in the Vienna election, has been fired by her employer – Austrian Airlines (AUA) – after controversial statements at rallies. The behaviour of the flight attendant was “inexcusable”, it was said on Thursday.

“Kurz must go”, “Soros must go”, “Rothschild must go”: With statements like these, Christina Kohl, placed 17th on the party list, attracted attention in a video and in public. (ORF)

She could have spared herself the mention of Rothschild. Criticism of big capitalists was, however, acceptable even in the best left-wing circles until recently, before Soros, Gates and Bezos chummed up with the left and the former opponents of globalization could be turned into comrades of the global elites in the fight against the right-wing and Trump.

Why AUA had to sack the flight attendant immediately without notice is difficult to understand. Was there…

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