Could Coal Be The Answer For Billions Without Energy?

PA Pundits - International

By Todd Royal ~

Over 600 million Africans are still without energy and electricity. The movie “Juice” brilliantly illustrates through visual representation how billions are without electricity; and without electricity and the energy from mainly fossil fuels, life returns to the Dark Ages.

Whereas liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore exposes the fallacy, human misery, and environmental degradation that occurs when towns, cities, counties, states, nations, or continents rely on renewable energy to electricity from wind turbines (enormous emitters of greenhouse gases) and solar panels; or destructive biomass is used for electrical generation.

Literally, life has no purpose, happiness, and meaning without electricity and sources of energy that are abundant, scalable, reliable, affordable, and flexible. That describes coal – but isn’t coal outdated, outlawed, and the worst form of energy possible? In fact, coal has always been, and is back at the forefront of what could…

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