Cowards of the County


Many of you know that we have (for our size) a fairly respectable audience in the UK (especially England). Many times I have defended what some like to call our “gun culture”. It always pleases me to do so. I always start with the reason for the Second Amendment, which is the ultimate weapon against tyranny, all else, personal defense, hunting, shooting pieces of paper, whatever, is secondary.

It is the ultimate guardian of American freedom, and one of the greatest fields of American endeavor. My British friends are always surprised to learn that the famed Enfield Works, which produced so many fine British military weapons, had design help from our own Springfield Armory (the old government one, now closed).

So, how is that working out for us? Pretty well, I’d say. William L. Gensert wrote yesterday, in TownHall. about what happens when Antifa meets Americans who are prepared…

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