17 Aug 2020- USPS and Blockchain – borrowing the technology of BitCoin, which has worked

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The USPS Just Filed A Patent For A Blockchain-Based Secure-Voting System

byTyler DurdenMon, 08/17/2020 – 13:20TwitterFacebookRedditEmailPrint

It looks like the United States Post Office is getting in the business of voting.

It has recently been unearthed that he USPSfiled for a patentonFebruary 7, 2020 for a “Secure Voting System” that uses a blockchain access layer. Obviously, this could be one of the strongest signals of a welcome adaptation to blockchain by the U.S. government since blockchain was thrust on the map by Bitcoin.

“A voting system can use the security of blockchain and the mail to provide a reliable voting system,”the patent application says. “A registered voter receives a computer readable code in the mail and confirms identity and confirms correct ballot information in an election.The system separates voter identification and votes to ensure vote anonymity, and stores votes…

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