Future USA: Dont Have Food? Prepare To Take The Vaccine To GET Food

The Mad Jewess

Future USA: Dont Have Food? Prepare To Take The Vaccine To GET Food

Get it thru your thick skull that we are going to have food shortages in our future.

Americans rush to stock up on essentials, retailers scramble to ...

Mike Adams from Health Ranger/Natural News says: A government-engineered FOOD COLLAPSE means citizens must practice ‘extreme preparedness’ or be starved into vaccine compliance


Start today: Buy a 50 lb bag of rice at the store and a 20 lb bag of beans. Start adding 10 cans of chili or stew every other day. It is very possible that the tyrannical govt can make you get a vaccine to get food. And, believe me, people will go along with it!!

States are stockpiling tens of millions of pounds of long-term storable food

It’s also why states like Washington are building massive bunkers of emergency food, as even the Seattle Times is now reporting. The people in charge know…

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