Is the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) a romping place for “Grey Wolves” functionaries and right-wing extremist Turks ?

Allah's Willing Executioners

The extent to which the Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) has infiltrated with Islamic functionaries is currently shown by CDU member Mehmet Alparslan Çelebi. He is again posing in the social media with the salute of the right-wing extremist “Grey Wolves”.

That the Social Democratic Party (SPD) is the playground and romping place of hardcore Muslims has been known not only since the statement of former SPD member Thilo Sarrazin, who stated in an interview with the magazine TE at the beginning of this year: “The current SPD leadership is apparently partly in the hands of fundamentally oriented Muslims who want to prevent a critical discussion of Islam in Germany on principle”.

The CDU is no better than its comrades – in terms of the party’s level of Islamization. One of these CDU functionaries who wants to carry Islam in all its radicalism right into the middle of the party…

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