Know what’s better than a Poll?


I read a headline this morning that stated that President Trump out-raised Biden in campaign funds for the month of July by $25, 000, 000! Like milk, that kind of news ‘does a body good’.

President Trump raised $165 million. That’s breath-taking.

I read a headline a couple of days ago that stated that President Trump received more voter registrations – you only register if you’re a first time voter – which means registered Republican – than did Biden. Just keeps getting better.

The polls (see angry face emoji) are now showing that Biden in way ahead of President Trump. This gives me great joy! Because, as I’ve discussed (probably more than you cared for, lol), the Silent Majority is growing. Plus, never forget Blexit and Latinos for Trump and Jews for Trump. Warms the cockles of my heart.

I am joyful this morning. All the signs look good. But…

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