Monterey Peninsula, (Carmel & Salinas) CA ON FIRE, Thous Of Acres Burned. Bay Area On FIRE

The Mad Jewess

Monterey Peninsula, State Of CA ON FIRE, Thousands Of Acres Burned. Bay Area On FIRE

River Fire update: 3,793 acres burned, six structures destroyed.  I used to live about 12 miles from the river.  The whole nation is under serious judgment.

Today, Mount Toro is on fire.  My friend just called to tell me.  She still lives in Salinas, CA. 

Right outside of the city of Monterey is Salinas, about 17 miles away. The river is on fire.  It is an underground river.  It has already burned thousands of acres:  See what the Salinas River Fire looks like

The Monterey County Herald is reporting that over 10K acres are charred: Click to see this horror  UPDATE: River Fire grows to over 10,000 acres

Carmel Fires a growing concern

Man arrested in southern Big Sur on arson charges in connection to Dolan Fire

PHOTOS: Fire breaks out near Carmel…

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