To avoid racist stigma, cowardly Western writers kill their own books

Allah's Willing Executioners

by Giulio Meotti

The evolution of cancel culture is called self-cancellation. At the first signs of criticism and to avoid being overwhelmed by stigmas, writers have begun to eliminate their own work.Alexandra Duncan had the cover of “Ember Days” ready. The novel was to be published by Greenwillow, which is part of the global publishing giant HarperCollins. But the author withdrew it. The problem? The novel is about a Gullah African American, but Duncan is white. The tweeters had already begun to attack her.The author initially tried to defend her work. Then the failure. “My view of the world is as limited as a white person. I am deeply ashamed of having made a mistake.”“The mood is becoming so militant that you are no longer allowed to write from the perspective of anyone other than yourself,” observes the literary agent Natasha Fairweather.

The Duncan affair could be dismissed as a…

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