EXTRA: Night 3 Democrat Convention Ratings

The Lone Cactus

Night three saw a much-needed rebound for the Democrats, as it brought out it’s biggest guns to speak. Bobo Obama and Hillary Clinton took the stage, as did Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. in the end, it brought a couple more million people to the mix. But it still trailed Hillary Clinton’s third night convention of four years ago, and Bobo’s third night convention of 2008. It did manage to squeak by the Bobo reelection campaign of 2012 by about a million viewers.

MSNBC led the way again last night in the “family reunion” demographic (that counts everyone) with about 6.4 million viewers. CNN was second with 5.8 million. Then came NBC, ABC, Fox News, and CBS in that order trailing the two cable channels by wide margins. In total about 21 million people tuned in last night. That compares to 23.7 million four years ago, 20.6 million in 2012…

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