Germany: Alleged Moroccan victim of police violence in a Snapchat video alive and kicking (VIDEO)

Allah's Willing Executioners

Ali M. (name changed) seems anything but intimidated after his controversial arrest by the Düsseldorf police. In a short clip via Snapchat, the 15-year-old teenager strolls through a park, thanking all his friends on the net for their wishes for recovery. “I kiss all your hearts”, the dark-haired curly-haired man, the baseball cap casually placed on the back of his head, says. At the same time Ali M. announced another statement about the things that had happened. The German-Moroccan ended the 13-second sequence with a grinning laugh.There is no evidence of the injuries that Ali M. allegedly suffered during an arrest action by police officers on Saturday evening in Düsseldorf’s Old Town. At least he has no visible damage to his head.Local Green politician Samy Charchira had reported after a visit to the family that the pupil had suffered a first-degree craniocerebral trauma as a result of the intervention of…

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