Portland driver says he was kicked unconscious by BLM because he is white

Allah's Willing Executioners

Adam Haner kicked unconscious by BLM supporter. Twitter screenshot

“I wasn’t trying to do anything but get a drink,” Adam Haner told KATU. Haner was viciously attacked by a BLM supporter. “I wasn’t the enemy, I’ll tell you that. I was just the guy standing there, and I was white, evidently,” he explained. According to Haner that he had previously marched in BLM protests.

“I was for that. I’ve had cops beat me up before. I was for their [BLM] cause,” he told KPTV.

Haner emphasized that he had done or said nothing offensive to the black crowd — but both he and his girlfriend, Tammie Martin, were assaulted by BLM supporters who had started denouncing them as white supremacists for no reason.

“I remember vaguely being on the ground […] Then I don’t remember anything. And then two days later I wake up” in an intensive care unit.

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