Schools Use Empty Classes For Expensive Day Care, And Parents Are Charged Twice. This Needs To End.

PA Pundits International

By Lindsey Burke ~

Normally when a business shuts its doors, it doesn’t still get to charge its customers for a product they can no longer access. It certainly doesn’t get to charge its customers twice for the privilege.

Some school districts are charging parents between $140 and $325 per child, per week, to provide day care. School districts created this artificial demand by keeping schools closed, and are now “double dipping” by charging parents who are already paying the schools to remain closed through taxes. (Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images)

Yet, that’s exactly what we’re seeing from some public school districts. They refuse to open their doors for in-person learning—citing safety risks—but they are able to open these same school buildings to charge overworked and tired parents for day care.

This is double-dipping into parents’ pocketbooks, and it likely runs afoul of state constitutions.

What’s the best way for America…

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