Citizen Tom

The donkey is the Democratic Party’s logo. Is this truly America’s symbol of tolerance?

I got a good laugh out of insanitybytes22‘s post yesterday, So Like, Black Folks Are Really Diverse... Here is how she begins.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but in light of several things lately, one of them being Joe Biden alleging that black people are all the same, members of one monolithic group, unlike Latinos who are diverse, I think I really need to. Yes, he actually said that. He is only one of many who have said something similar this week. (continued here (

With good humor insanitybytes22 goes on to point out just how diverse black Americans are. Still, I felt obligated to point out that 90 percent of the black vote goes to Democrats. insanitybytes22‘s reply left me laughing again (see here).

Still, the fact that blacks vote for…

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