21 Aug 2020 – Facebook and Twitter engaged in election interfering in the OPEN

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The question becomes when does a PRIVATE space become a public space. One could argue that it becomes a public space when there is a certain amount of the population on it. However, population of what? A country? The world? HOW would an individual be able to compete with an entity that is transnational and has more power than MOST lobbies in any country. They are beyond even a UTILITY. They are Corporate Communists. They have centralized resources and you pay for them to distribute them. And, by the way, THEY are subsidized by your TAX payer dollars.

They are Bracing themselves for Trump but nothing about Biden or Hillary contesting an election.

And who uses the term “kill switch?”

Facebook Braces Itself for Trump to Cast Doubt on Election Results

The world’s biggest social network is working out what steps to take should President Trump use its platform to…

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