Do not take a dog with you when you go to the refugee – The German Protestant Church promotes a better welcoming culture

Allah's Willing Executioners

The Protestant Church in Wuerttemberg wants to be ” prepared for refugees”, Bishop Frank Otfried July has repeatedly demanded. But how does that work in practice? The members of the Württemberg Association for World Mission (WAW) have thought about this and have published a book of more than 200 pages (” I have been a stranger. Mission between the causes for fleeing and the welcoming culture”) for everyday church life.The book ends with cultural advice when you spend time with people from, for example, oriental countries for the first time. You should leave your dog at home, he is considered unclean in many cultures. You should never contradict your counterpart directly, but indirectly, it is a question of honour. Physical contact – including shaking hands – with persons of the opposite sex is considered taboo by some people, and here too, according to the authors, a certain restraint is advisable.

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