Random Observations


When I get depressed and anxious because the news is 24/7/365 bad, and I can’t look at the world anymore and I can’t concentrate on a book or a movie, I have found a ‘pill’ to relieve all of that tension and chaos. We don’t need a prescription for the pill and you cannot possibly overdose on it no matter how many.

The ‘pill’ is trail cam videos. For those who aren’t familiar, hunters, farmers, landowners, all sorts of folks, strap photo/video cameras on the trunks or limbs of trees. These cameras have night sight capability, some have sound, most are motion-activated – really quite a dandy little piece of technology and to the best of my knowledge, they aren’t expensive to buy. What they do is record what happens in front of that tree for whatever length of time they’ve been set for. We watch what happens when it’s…

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