Cali’s Newest Tax Will Find You Regardless Where You Are

The Lone Cactus

California is poised to introduce a new tax. Now, on the surface, that’s nothing new. Cali is always having to come up with new ways to grab money from people…keeping The Lone Cactus’ #1 rule why liberalism doesn’t work…they run out of other people’s money. But Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) has decided that it’s time to unveil a new tax with long-reaching tentacles.

The Wealth Tax.

It’s been bandied about for decades. In fact, I’ve often said that if Democrats really wanted to tax the wealthy doing it through an income tax is the wrong way to go because there are so many ways to shelter income. But if you go after wealth, it’s a lot tougher. Everyone has a number, a net-worth attached to their name. It may be $10,000, or it may be $100 billion. But we’ve all got a net worth.

The problem that the mega-rich fleeing California…

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