Not News: Minnesota Democrat Governor Lifts Hydroxychloroquine Ban

PA Pundits International

By P.J. Gladnick ~

A Republican governor who lifts a ban on the use of hydroxychloroquine as treatment for COVID-19 would understandably not be big news. However what would be a major news development would be if a Democrat governor lifted such a ban. In fact the Democrat governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, did lift such a ban recently and from the major news outlets all you heard was the sound of crickets.

Rush Limbaugh noted this development on Monday and RealClearPolitics also covered this story, “MN Governor Quietly Reverses Course on Hydroxychloroquine,” which remained below the mainstream media radar all during the convention despite the fact that Walz’s action is notably contrary to Democrat party policy.

This past week Minnesota became the second state to reject regulations that effectively ban the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine for use by COVID-19 patients. The decision, which comes two weeks after the Ohio Board of Pharmacy…

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