Suspects in tumultuous situations in Germany are often foreigners with foreign first names like Ali, Hassan and Mohamed

Allah's Willing Executioners

The majority of suspects in so-called tumultuous situations in North Rhine-Westphalia have foreign roots. This is the result of the Ministry of the Interior’s answer to an inquiry by the AfD member of the state parliament Markus Wagner, which is in the hands of the weekly JUNGE FREIHEIT. According to the answer, 55.6 percent of the suspects do not hold German citizenship. In addition, according to the paper, many of the accused with German passports have a name that indicates a migration background. In total, 74.5 percent of the suspects are foreigners or Germans with foreign first names such as Ali, Hassan and Mohamed.According to the Ministry of the Interior, a situation of turmoil is “a police situation caused by or arising from…

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