Ibiza video: Excerpts exonerate Heinz-Christian Strache

Allah's Willing Executioners

Heinz-Christian Strache meeting voters. Photo: Facebook

In the course of the legal proceedings in the Ibiza affair surrounding the former Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, the transcript of previously unpublished sequences from the illegally recorded Ibiza video have been made public.

Approximately five-minutes from the files of the investigating Austrian judiciary werepublishedin a daily newspaper in Austria. It exonerates the politician who resigned because of corruption allegations surrounding the edited video.

Strache told the alleged Russian oligarch and his partner and current main suspect who had wanted to induce him to commit illegal activities with a promise of 270 million euros: “Yes, but that doesn’t work that way.” Strache also emphasized that he would not be interested in anything dishonest: “No, but it would be dishonest.” And he later responds: “No way, I won’t do it. And with me only honest dealing, very honest dealings.”

The following statement…

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