Immigration and security: disturbing statistics

Allah's Willing Executioners

The link between non-integrated immigration communities and the explosion of violence in France and Germany in recent weeks, is a taboo subject. But even in the absence of ethnic statistics, there are indicators that do not lie.

In a recent cautious but ultimately explicit comment, the former French magistrate Philippe Bilger provided evidence: “The responsibility lies with instigators of foreign origin, Maghreb or African.”

French MP Aurélien Taché on the other hand is worried about the concept of “savages” used in France, which “implicitly links the rise in violence to that of immigration”. Undeniably, these two opposing visions, validated by the statistical reality and the testimonies of police officers and victims, are not being discussed in mainstream media.

In December 2018, two thirds of French voters thought that immigration had a negative effect on security, according to an IFOP survey. Sadly, crime figures confirm the rising feeling of insecurity.


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