Afghan, who murdered his wife in Germany with countless stab wounds, claims: “My wife killed herself

Allah's Willing Executioners

Three months after a gruesome bloody deed in a Freiberg prefabricated high-rise, the public prosecutor’s office has now brought charges against an Afghan (39 years old).

The asylum seeker is accused of having executed his wife by stabbing her in the chest several times in the presence of their children. However, the alleged killer claims that “his wife inflicted the fatal injuries on herself”, according to public prosecutor Ingrid Burghardt.Obviously an assertion of protection. Burghardt: This statement is however disproved due to the extensive investigations, in particular the witness statements from the direct family environment as well as the forensic medical reports.The Afghan man is said to have had a violent argument with his wife in her apartment in a prefabricated apartment on the Straße der Einheit on the evening of May 19. The man pulled out a knife, stabbed her again and again.

“Around 9:15 p.m. I heard loud…

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