The Party Of Diversity?

The Lone Cactus

Can anyone please explain to me why it is that Democrats can call themselves “The Party of Diversity”, and then turn their back on people not from this country? Is it just me or does that seem a little bit xenophobic and wrong?

Let me explain, and I’m sure that by now a lot of you already know the back story here. So, on Tuesday night at the Republican Convention, Milania Trump, the First Lady speaks. She does a terrific job. Her speech is about inclusion, and bringing America together. Milania Trump is not only a beautiful woman, she’s also a very smart woman. In fact, she can fluently speak five languages. So, can someone tell me why some 74 year old bimbette that used to be able to sing but now only can change oxygen into carbon dioxide (and not pay a carbon tax for it) named Bette Midler…

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