You Can’t Go Home Again


That’s what Thomas Wolf told us. I get it; ‘home’ doesn’t change but we do. Home, which was big and comfortable and familiar becomes small, less conducive to comfort, and shabby around the edges because we’ve been places since home, seen a thing or two, changed within ourselves.

I was going to wait until after the Republican National Convention concluded but I can’t wait. I am so enthused, so excited, so humbled and joyful I just have to share.

Brilliant idea behind this convention. Talk to the ‘little people’, talk to the Americans who never have a microphone in front of their faces. Talk to those folks who have lived an American life, whether it is rural or urban, big business or small family farms, and factories, whether they are Ph. Ds or high school diploma’d. Talk to the Americans across the country, whether they were born here or are…

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