Citizen Tom

Anti-capitalist propaganda (from here (en.wikipedia.org))

From time to time some thought brings me back to an old post, THE ADVANTAGE OF A REPUBLIC OVER A DEMOCRACY. That post is about something James Madison wrote, The Federalist, Paper # 10. Madison wanted people to understand the difference between a republic and a democracy. The purpose of a republic is to protect the individual from the tyranny of the majority.

Why am I bringing up that old post this time? Today we see Crony Capitalism running rampant.

  • Most of the news media is owned by about five big corporations. These media organizations are almost completely partisan. Their news stories often omit much of the news. Worse, they sometimes tell outright lies. For example, we are having race riots over the killing of blacks by white policemen. Yet, when we investigate these stories carefully, there is almost nothing racial about the killings…

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