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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Prince William County School Board (from here)

In Tennessee students are doing classes on-line (virtual learning) because of the COVID-19 quarantine and social isolation mandates. Teachers there have started forcing parents NOT to monitor their kids’ classes because the parents will learn “confidential information” they don’t want parents to be aware of (see Rutherford County Schools Tell Parents Not to Monitor Their Child’s Virtual Classrooms (!

What, pray tell, could be so ‘secret’ that parents should not know it? What are teachers telling students that parents would object to if they knew?

Parents, when your children or grandchildren are on-line in classes, do pay attention to what they’re being taught. Know what they’re learning.

It’s important that you know the class content so you can help your kids do the homework that’s a part of each class. Perhaps COVID is providing an unexpected opportunity for parents to understand exactly…

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