Republican Convention – It’s A Wrap

PA Pundits - International

By Peter Murphy~

The quadrennial Republican National Convention ended last evening on the south lawn of the White House with the nomination acceptance speech by President Donald Trump. The president outlined the stark contrasts on many policy issues between himself and the Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Among these sharp contrasts are energy and climate policies. President Trump stressed America’s energy independence and support for continued development of traditional fossil fuel sources.

By contrast, Mr. Biden last week, in his acceptance speech that concluded the Democratic National Convention, touched on his promise to “deal with climate change,” which he called a “crisis.” The details of his plans are provided in the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations.

The stagecraft for President Trump’s convention speech was unprecedented, and confirmed actor Michael Douglas’ line spoken in the 1995 film, The American President: “The White House is…

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