The Convention


Well, the conventions are over. By all reports, the Democratic one was dark and foreboding. I don’t know, I couldn’t convince myself to watch any part of it. The Democrats at this point sicken me thoroughly. I don’t like that they do, historically my family is Democratic, dad was, in fact, a New Dealer, but he was also a conservative, which was very common although seems inconceivable now. Well, the past is prologue, they say.

The Republicans, I did watch, and I was impressed. It was completely different from anything in my lifetime, and yet, I think it may have been by far the best convention of my lifetime. What made it so different?

First, it dispensed with many of the politicians, sure we saw some important ones, and some of the administration’s leadership and the President’s staff, often, in this case, his family. But other than that, we mostly…

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