Germany: Syrian stabbed a German in the back nine times in the streetcar

Allah's Willing Executioners

Because he allegedly stabbed two men at Riebeckplatz and in a streetcar at Rennbahnkreuz in Halle (Saale), the trial against a 20-year-old man from Syria began last Friday at the regional court. He is accused of grievous bodily harm as well as attempted manslaughter in unity of crime with grievous bodily harm.

The first crime took place on November 8 of last year. In a supermarket on Riebeckplatz, he is accused of having stabbed a fellow countryman several times with a jackknife. The victim allegedly stole money from him.

The second crime took place on March 6. Here he is said to have provoked an argument in a streetcar at Rennbahnkreuz and then stabbed a 32-year-old man nine times in the back with a knife from behind. The German suffered life-threatening injuries.

According to the court, the defendant partially admitted to the crimes. Because the accused was an adolescent at…

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