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So. Kamala Harris has been chosen, and signed the required documents, to run for Vice President of the United States. Alice (in Wonderland) said, “Curiouser and curiouser”. My sentiments also. Just when I think 2020 can’t get any worse – this happens. We all know why this is a big deal – Biden won’t be able to finish the first year of his first term and she will become President. That’s what the Democrats had planned all along when they came behind Biden. “If we can’t get in by the front door, we’ll sneak in by the back door”. Democrats see the American people as all having less than a ninth-grade education and that we’ll buy anything being sold to us. Look – there are life-long Democrats who hate seeing what’s become of their Party; they are simply wise enough to keep their mouths shut. When you’ve got a little…

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