Five Years After 2015 Migrant Crisis, Merkel Tells Press: I Would Do It Again

Allah's Willing Executioners

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has boasted that she would repeat her actions in 2015 which opened the gates to Europe and led to the migrant crisis.

Chancellor Merkel made her statements at an annual summer press conference in Berlin on Friday, saying she would “make essentially the same decisions” after she was asked if she had any sort of regret for opening Germany’s borders in the summer of 2015.Merkel argued that asylum seekers stuck at the frontiers of Germany or Austria “have to be treated like human beings,” France24 reports.

According to the broadcaster, Merkel has seen a surge in support domestically following the coronavirus outbreak and the German federal government’s handling of it.

But while Merkel may have favourable polling numbers over her handling of the coronavirus, the mass migration of hundreds of thousands of migrants since 2015 has not been a popular policy in Germany among large…

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