Germany as the tip of the iceberg: The various allies of antisemitism

Allah's Willing Executioners

Part of the complexity of the current antisemitism debate and its analysis is the multiplicity of aspects. One cannot just compare a specific act to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition (IHRA) of antisemitism in order to determine whether it is antisemitic. The acceptance of this definition in 2016 by the IHRA Board required the agreement of more than 30 western countries and was a major achievement. However, this definition covers only part of the many manifestations of antisemitism.

The previous chairman of the British Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, called the genocidal antisemitic organizations, Hamas and Hezbollah, his ‘brothers’ and ‘friends.’ These were expressions of extreme antisemitism, yet those statements are not covered by the IHRA definition. There are many other antisemitic acts which do not fall under the definition. The IHRA text had to be short, with a limited number of examples. Its initiators could not have easily imagined…

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