Our Cultural Marxist Moment — Reblog

Citizen Tom

This is a reblog of a reblog, which is somewhat awkward =>  Our Cultural Marxist Moment.

Here is how it starts.


Good post! Just a couple of observations that I expect will help make you a bit more hopeful.

The term “Left” and “Right” do not actually mean anything. There is not a dime’s worth of difference between Nazis and Communists. There two parameters we need to consider to help us understand the spectrum over which government ranges.
1. Government control over the individual. If government has no control over the individual, we have anarchy. If government has complete control over the individual, we have a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany or Stalin’s USSR. To have a government that serves the people, we must give the government the power to prohibit wrongdoing by individuals and organizations.
2. The purpose of government. Because this parameter is difficult to conceptualize…

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