Trump is not the Anti-Christ and his empathy towards others is unmatched by any President.

Cry and Howl

Good morning folks. I’d like to start this off by stating, I gave my life to Jesus Christ, accepted Him as my personal savior in March of 1972. Throughout the decades I’ve read and studied the Bible from cover to cover ‘several’ times. At times I’ve read it in it’s entirety in alphabetical order. Sometimes I’d read a book of the Old Testament, then a book of the New Testament until I completed the entire Bible. At times I’d read through the judges and kings, then read the prophets who prophesied during the reigns of the various kings … trying to grasp what the prophets were actually writing about. I’m currently reading each book of the New Testament seven (7) times through each. In the past several weeks I’ve complete all four gospels, the 1st epistle of John and Revelation (each 7 times) and am on my 2nd reading of…

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