What is with this gender ideology dictatorship?

Allah's Willing Executioners

Criticizing gender ideology today means entering a minefield. And those who have the honesty to speak up if they disagree with that ideology, can corroborate that.

What does this transgender craze that reigns in every corner of the West represent? According to Camille Paglia, the US heretical feminist, contrarian and libertarian, it is the sign of the decline of Western culture and civilization.She explained it in her book, “Free Women. Free Men”, where she wrote about many parallels between our time and that of the Roman Empire. “Whenever you have tolerant and permissive cosmopolitan cultures, where homosexuality is openly practiced, it seems that these cultures are ripe for collapse!”.Family traditions weaken and civilizations begin to fall. When a culture begins to decay, there is an inflorescence of transgender phenomena. This is a symptom of a “cultural breakdown.”

A literary editor at a New York agency was just fired for “offensive”…

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