Armed citizens summoned to homeland defense


The Embattled Farmer The Embattled Farmer

David Kopel writing in The Volokh Conspiracy reminds us that once upon a time the government understood that the last line of American defense against irregular troops (or terrorists) was the armed American People.

Especially this year, Pearl Harbor Day reminds us that when the world is at war, the United States homeland is not immune. […]

Submarines can also be used to land commandos or spies. The Germans landed one such force near New York City. It was composed of former Americans, of German ancestry, who had left America to live in Germany, based on Hitler’s promise of jobs and housing for everyone. Because of the ex-Americans’ English skills and knowledge of America, the Nazis forced them to participate in the mission. They were caught only because two of the eight men immediately turned themselves in to the FBI. […]

With the Army and the National Guard busy…

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