Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

When we vote, we vote for people. What is the problem with voting for people? Often we have no idea what a people is going to do. Politicians, in particular, have a habit of disappointing us. Instead of telling us what they are going to do, they deflect, they spout platitudes, they answer questions no one asked, and they stay on “message”. Few take straightforward positions.

Should we let politicians get away with fooling us? Nope! But what can we do? Well, we have sent the following candidates questionnaires. These questionnaires are based upon votes taken by the Senate and Congress. When legislators vote, there are three options. They can vote yes, no, or abstain. Then they can go home and explain to the voters. We have offered the candidates similar options, and we will post the candidate’s answers here on our website.

What are the questions in the surveys?

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