Germany: Following protests by Turks, street artists are no longer allowed to paint the Turkish flag on the pavement (VIDEO)

Allah's Willing Executioners

The sea of flags on the Cologne Domplatte: Again and again there is a fuss about street art. The latest twist: Next to the flags painted in bright chalk colors on the pavement, the flag of Turkey suddenly blows in the wind as a small flag. Background of the story:The host of a Turkish TV show, accompanied by cameramen, had demanded a street artist drastically to remove the Turkish flag painted on the pavement immediately.It would not be appropriate to place flags as an honorable state symbol on dirty ground and then to cover them with a pile of coins as in a casino. When the street artist refused to comply with the demands (“Take this away, now!”), the Turkish nationalist wiped the Turkish flag (and that of the sister people of Azerbaijan) with his own hands, which resulted in tumultuous scenes:

Passers-by interfered, also a man from the garbage…

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