NY Times Can’t Deny Rioting, Now Blames Trump For It in Lead Story

PA Pundits - International

By Clay Waters ~

The media can no longer deny the continuous rioting in American cities every night by left-wing thugs. With Joe Biden at last weighing in on Monday afternoon, the story has become impossible to avoid, so the press has shamelessly pivoted, acknowledging the violence and portraying President Trump as the instigator.

Monday’s New York Times lead story appeared under slanted headlines: “Portland Death Inflames Debate On Urban Strife – Trump Backers’ Rally – President Insults Mayor – Biden Calls His Rival Reckless.”

Reporters Mike Baker, Thomas Kaplan, and Shane Goldmacher teamed up to change the subject from leftist violence in the streets:

A fatal shooting in Portland, Ore., over the weekend led President Trump to unleash a torrent of tweets and attacks on Sunday, capping a volatile week of street violence that is becoming a major theme in the final weeks of the 2020 campaign.

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