NY Times’ Sexist Takeaway From RNC: Attacks Tiffany, Ivanka, And Guilfoyle

PA Pundits International

By Clay Waters ~

New York Times “writer at large” Sarah Lyall issued a snotty, sexist story for Saturday’s edition, “The Trump Show’s Supporting Female Cast,” arbitrarily bashing the female members of Trump’s family and any other women who have the bad taste to be in the Trump Administration’s orbit.

Read these highlights and remember this is a “political memo” in the paper’s news section:

If you were to create a chart showing the hierarchical position of each of President Trump’s four adult children, judging from how often he sees, mentions or is photographed with them, you would surely place the golden child of the family, Ivanka Trump, at the very top. Next would come the two sons — Donald Trump Jr. and Eric.

In last position, sadly, would be Tiffany Trump, who can’t seem to shake her image as the Little Match Girl of the Trump clan…

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