Politicians Seek To Drive Out Income Opportunities In California

PA Pundits International

By Rachel Greszler ~

With the COVID-19 recession causing high unemployment around the country, now is the time for policymakers to lift barriers to earning an income.

With limited operations and selective lockdowns making business activity difficult for both employers and employees—especially workers who have children at home or other obligations—promoting worker flexibility is essential.

California’s AB 5 law will effectively ban gig economy platforms like Uber and Lyft. At a time when California is suffering from high unemployment, lawmakers should make is easier—not harder—for people to find flexible income opportunities. (Photo: adamkaz/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, California lawmakers are taking the opposite approach by pushing a law that will limit income opportunities and worker flexibility.

At 13.3% in July, California’s unemployment rate is among the highest in the nation. In Los Angeles County alone, the July unemployment rate was a dismal 17.5%.

Instead of focusing on getting Californians safely…

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