The Law of the Pursuer


If like many of us, you have taken defensive weapons training, you know that while (in certain circumstances, that vary from state to state) you may use deadly force to defend yourself or another person and sometimes property as well. You also know that you may not pursue your assailant if he retreats. That retreat ends the confrontation, and if you pursue you become the assailant.

This is a very old concept called din rodef, “the law of the pursuer.”

This is what came into play in Kenosha last week when Kyle Rittenhouse, shot three felons, two fatally, who were pursuing him. The best article I’ve seen on this is by Civis Americanus in American Thinker, let’s have a look.

A rodef (plural rodfim) is somebody who pursues somebody else with the objective of causing death or serious physical injury. Din rodef entitles the one pursued, or a…

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