And we still have 121 days till we can kiss 2021 hello. Quite a remarkable year, this one. If there were a prize given for worst national year, 2020 would win – hands down. Before you say it – yes, September11, 2001, was the worst day in American history. But it was a day; this has been the best part of a year so I feel I’m safe in stating my premise.

Let’s see if I can do this chronologically – and remember, please, my memory is not the best. It started with a bogus impeachment, then got hit with a virus of Biblical proportions that is still going on (and will be the mainstream media’s topic of choice til 2025), a couple of earthquakes, murder hornets, a whopping hurricane, toilet paper shortages that challenged us to be creative (don’t eat, don’t poop – I’m just sayin’…), protests, then ‘peaceful…

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